Why do we believe in the Arts?

Research strongly suggests that young people who learn about and participate in the arts acquire skills that help them in decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork.

An increasing number of studies also finds that arts programs motivate children to learn, assisting in improving performance in core academic subjects. For some children, the arts provide the impetus to stay in school until graduation and, for others, the inspiration to pursue college education. Arts education programs will continue to play a pivotal role as the nation struggles to improve high school graduation rates, develop pre-kindergarten programs, and counter the achievement gap in urban communities


griot is addressing problems in our community

9.2% unemployment &40% poverty

Our HS internship program helps teens find jobs!

54% highschool graduation

griot youth program offerstutoring twice a week

diabetes 11%

our students are learning to cook healthy foods in cooking class

art education helps students develop thinking skills

Arts education helps students to build confidence

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